Medical Delivery in Knoxville and surrounding counties

  • Emergency, STAT and Routine delivery service for blood products, urine specimens, etc. Our couriers have medical coolers and we offer any temperature you require.
  • Drivers are OSHA & HIPAA compliant and have HAZMAT training. Each courier also has medical gloves and spill kits.
  • West Knox Courier drivers are ready to deliver any medically related items that you require.

 Medical Specimen Delivery For Knoxville

Specimen - 1 West Knox Courier servicing Medical Delivery
in Knoxville for over 18 years.


  What Are Your Medical Specimen Delivery Needs?

We offer our medical delivery service in the Knoxville area and surrounding counties, via trucks, cars or vans.
Whatever your medical delivery requirements are, we have a delivery solution!


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